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ABERFEST 2014!!!

Aberfest 2014

WELCOME... Kesson, gateway to the surprising and delightful world of Cornish music.

Who are we?

Well, just a bunch of musicians really, who have pooled efforts to achieve co-ordinated professionally run distribution for our music.

We make it easy for shops and online retailers to offer a comprehensive selection of Cornish CDs, and also sell directly to the public through this web site, which includes MP3 downloads.

We started off with a handful of us back at the turn of the millenium, but now we are in the hundreds - an indication of the tremendous resurgence of interest in the music of Cornwall, no longer the poor neighbour of the Celtic fringe!

A not-for-profit collaborative run by volunteers, we understand the plight of artists striving to make an honest living from their work, but also the frustrations of music lovers looking for something a bit different.

Kesson is Cornish for 'harmony' - a reflection of our collaborative 'one and all' ethic - but also of the creative teamwork that underpins Cornish music, whatever the style.

Explore... Discover... Enjoy...