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Kyt's Crowd-Source Cornish Tunery!

Evolved from a self-help tool to get my head around session tunes, the big idea is a 'crowd-source' repository for people to post up Cornish tunes, new and old, that they wish to share.

Tunes are 'as heard' in the style and key commonly played, and not necessarily technically correct!

I have kept the format as simple as possible with mobile devices in mind; quick links to pull up tunes of the same type, and just the essential information listed (tune title, key etc.).

Those highlighted in white link through to a page showing the tune score and in ABC notation, with a link to play the tune. Any others are 'work in progress' - click to bring up a form if you know the tune.

When selecting 'print', scores are reformatted to be paper and pdf friendly.

There is also a 'Setlist' function to share selections of tunes, which has proved useful for those wanting to get a head start learning common repertoire at sessions, or for bands working on new material.

For Cornish music in print, check out 'Fooch' by Neil Davey, 'Pris Ton - Cornish Session Tunes' by Merv Davey, 'Ilow Kernow' by Mike O'Connor and, published in 1997 with nearly 300 tunes, downloadable for free in PDF format: 'Racca - Cornish Tunes for Cornish Sessions'

Kyt :-)

The Tunery is dedicated to the memory of LEN DAVIES, an enthusiastic supporter of traditional Cornish music who supplied over a hundred tunes to give us a head start.


A volunteer-run resource for anyone wishing to research, use or play Celtic music from Cornwall.

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