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Cornish Quickstep

T:Cornish Quickstep
f/2^e/2|"D"fd/2c/2 dA/2^G/2|Ad f3/2f/2|"Em"gf ed|"A7"cB Af/2^e/2| "D"fd/2c/2 dA/2^G/2|"D"Ad f3/2f/2|"A7"eA Bc|d2 d:: A|"D"FA/2A/2 AA|"G"GB/2B/2 BB|"A7"Ac/2c/2 cc|"D"d/2e/2f/2e/2 d/2c/2B/2A/2| "D"FA/2A/2 AA|"G"GB/2B/2 BB|"A7"Ac/2c/2 ce|"D"d3:|
Contributor: Len Davies | Dance: Ros Vean (played as a polka)

Published in Ralph Dunstan's Lyver Canow Kernewek Cornish Song Book, 1929. Also known as No. 1 Quickstep. Speculation that it originated in the USA and when played in other parts of Britain became known as the Cornish Quickstep. (Tehmina Goskar)
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