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Travelling With Strangers Set

T:Travelling With Strangers Set
C:Ray Delf
||GABc dGBd|ecAe dBG2|GABc dGBd|AGFG A4|GABc dGBd|ecAe dBG2|GABc dGBd|A2A2G4|| gdBg fedf|cdec dBG2|gdBg fedf|ed ^c/ded4|gdBg fedf|cdec dBG2|GABc dBGB|A2A2G4|| K:D ||agfag2e2|fedfe4|defg afdf|edcde4|agfag2e2|fedfe4|defg afdf|e2e2d4|| cdec ABcA|defd Adfd|e^def gece|^gefga4|agfa g2e2|fedf e4|defg afdf|e2e2d4||
Contributor: Len Davies | Copyright:  Ray Delf | Dance: Jowster

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