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Can Palores

T:Can Palores
C:R. Dunstan (Trad arr. Tehmina Goskar)
A>F | D3 F A>d | B4 G>E | C3 C D>F | F2 E2 A>F | D3 F A>d | B4 d>B | A3 F G>E | E2 D2 :| d>B | A2 F2 d>B | A2 F2 d>B | A3 F G>E | E2 D2 :|
Contributor: Tehmina Goskar | Copyright:  R. Dunstan (Trad arr. Tehmina Goskar)
Can Palores or Song of the Chough is the song from Robert Morton Nance's play An Balores, 1932. It was originally set to music for four-part harmony singing by Dr. Ralph Dunstan.
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